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The best ways to use Cialis

Viagra (Sildenafil) and other constituents of its class – Levitra (Vardenafil) and Cialis (Tadalafil) are medicines designed to facilitate male erection. They act on the blood vessels inside the penis, facilitating the dilations, which causes more blood to remain in the cavernous bodies (sponge species inside the penis), and leading to erection. This class of drugs has come up to treat erection difficulties that can arise from 45, 50 years. However, from time to time there is a kind of “fever” among young people to consume these medicines.

Medicine is medicine, not bulimia.

Like all medicines, it must be prescribed by the doctor, given the correct indications. All medicines may cause unwanted effects. And with Viagra it’s no different. Headaches, facial flushing, motion sickness and visual changes are the most common effects. Secondly, the story that Viagra produces a super-referral is myth. The penis will not get bigger, nor generate an incomparable pleasure. It will only have a full erection and resembles that which is naturally produced by the body.

Popularity among the Youngers

Now a day buy cialis online is a popular site for youngsters for buying viagra. Young people are using Viagra because they want the erect penis any longer or to overcome the anxieties of those who start their sex lives. Calm down there. It is true that the penis could recover for a “second shift” more quickly. And also that any fears of failure would not hinder the erection as much. But there is a risk that the man thinks that he only “works” with the medicine and that he will be able to have as many sexual relations as he wants, which is not true.

How about reserving this type of medication for the future when you really feel the need?

Young people who have difficulty with erections can benefit more from practice, experience, and eventually therapy than medicine.

Many women will be deluded with the result of the female Viagra, believing they will take the dose and instantly be excited and prepared for sex. Women should not compare the results, and even the chemical formula, of the male Viagra with the female Viagra, they act differently from each other, resembling between them is just the name.

The male Viagra acts directly on the erection, the physiological response of the penis and a single dose is enough and everything is solved. The female Viagra takes a different path, it actually “turns off” the front of the brain that makes the woman think about all the tasks she needs to do (a common story among women who in Hour H analyze whether the ceiling needs a new one painting) and since it takes the mind off the focus of daily chores, then it has mental “space” to focus on sex.

Happiness is a state of harmony with what we live.

But this does not happen with the ingestion of a single pill, the drug is for daily use and takes at least 4 weeks to take effect and even then, the results are not so expressive and fantastic. I even believe that most women will actually have a psychological improvement and that the remedy will work much more like a placebo.

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